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Bring peace to the lost lambs who fear the night...

Chrono the Sinner

[794602] Chrono
This is a roleplay journal for Chrono of Chrono Crusade.

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Name: Chrono
Series: Chrono Crusade
Universe: OU
Age: Eternally twelve/Over 9000/As old as the human race
Gender: Male
Species: Devil (or Demon, if you prefer the manga)
Powers & Abilities: Chrono has the ability to form a contract with a human where he can break the seal on his true form, and the amount of time he stays in that form is subtracted from the human's life force.
When he unseals his true form, he can fly, shoot blasts of what I'd have to assume is energy, manipulate his tail as a weapon, heal at a superhuman rate, heal others' wounds, and I'd also assume he has super speed and super strength, though that's never explicitly stated. Also the ability to look killer and not gay in thigh-high leather boots.
In his sealed state, Chrono is basically the ultimate housewife: he cooks, cleans, and sews like nobody's business. On top of that, he can do first aid and sense the auras of other demons. Oh, and the ability to be shouta and attract the advances of older women. <-- This is his default form.
Point of canon to be drawn from: After the end of the anime
Personality: Sealed Chrono is a friendly little guy who likes people and wants to help whenever he can. He's a nice guy who would give the shirt off his back to help somebody. He's also a bit of a pushover where Rosette and Satella are concerned. But he's not naive- he knows the world is a bad place. Heck, he helped make it that way for a large portion of his existence. He's kind of a goofball too, except when the situation calls for srs bzns. Chrono in his true form is more serious and less of a friendly goofball. If he cares about something/someone he'll protect it/them with his life. That remains the same no matter which form he's in.
Appearance: Chrono is about the height and weight of your average twelve-year-old boy, with a waist-length purple braid and messy bangs, tan skin, and red eyes. His usual outfit is brown loafers, thick white socks, red shorts and cloak, a white dress shirt, red headband and black-and-gold wrist guards.
History: We don't know much about Chrono's early past. What we do know is that he spent a good portion of his life in the thrall of his twin brother, Aion. Aion wanted to force the gates of Heaven open, cast down God, and make Heaven the home of the Devils, and Chrono followed him in this quest without question. That is, he did until the 1880s, when an order from Aion brought him into contact with a human woman who could see the future, an orphan brought up by the exorcists of the Order of Magdalene, who named the girl Mary Magdalene. Aion ordered Chrono to abduct Magdalene so that she could tell him what future she saw for them and their band of Sinners (Sinners being a group of devils lead by Aion and Chrono who had slaughtered others of their kind). And Mary lived with the Sinners for a while, during which time Chrono fell in love with her.

When she finally told Aion the future she saw for the Sinners, Aion ordered Chrono to kill Mary. Chrono refused, and fought Aion instead. Aion tore off Chrono's horns, the source of his energy, but Chrono managed to escape with Mary. They formed a contract, and she gave all her life force to heal the wounds Aion had inflicted. A grieving Chrono sealed off his true form to conserve his Astral (energy) and took up vigil in Mary's tomb for close to half a century. Then his vigil was disturbed by a pair of siblings, Rosette and Joshua Christopher, who had discovered the tomb while playing. They showed no fear of him and adopted him as their playmate. Chrono grew to love the children, treating them like younger siblings. But their peace was disrupted by Aion. Aion gave Joshua Chrono's horns and took him away from the orphanage where Rosette and Joshua lived, and Rosette entered a contract with Chrono to get her brother back.

They were taken in shortly after by the Order of Magdalene, and Rosette trained as an exorcist for the next four years. Then she was made a member of the first class, and set off to conduct her own investigation to find Joshua. The search led her to San Francisco, where she was reunited with Joshua only to find he didn't remember her. He attempted to shoot her, only to be stopped by Chrono. The fight between Chrono and Joshua caused massive damage and wounded tons of innocent civilians, and ended in Joshua turning Chrono to stone. With Chrono out of commission, Aion manipulated Rosette, setting her up as the Saint with help from her until then latent holy powers. Chrono was freed by the spirit of Mary Magdalene and tried to reason with Rosette, but in her role as the Saint she tried to kill him, and was only snapped back to normal by the pain of the final stigmata branding itself onto her body. Then she opened the seal and allowed Chrono to fight Aion in his true form.

Chrono killed Aion, and he and Rosette retreated to a little cabin in the woods, where Rosette could spend her remaining time in peace. Presumably they took advantage of that time to act on their mutual feelings for each other, but either way, Rosette died after a touching little scene in Chrono's arms, and Chrono followed her. He thought.

Third Person: The boy swung his legs back and forth idly as he waited in the white room. It made sense to want to give the people falling through the wormholes physicals. Suppose someone came through with a disease that didn't exist here? And it wasn't like he had anything to hide. They wouldn't be able to find the Legion in his blood unless they were looking. And aside from the Legion, his physiology was identical to any human's.

The doctor walked in, looking concerned. "Well, you're perfectly fine except for that nasty wound on your side. How did you say that happened?"

"A man attacked me, sir." He wasn't lying. Aion's attack had made that wound.

"A grown man?" At Chrono's nod, the doctor shook his head. "Despicable. A grown man attacking a young boy like yourself."

"Well, it's unfortunate, but that's just the way the world is, sir." Chrono stated with a small, sad smile. The doctor looked surprised. Suddenly the boy on his table seemed much older than twelve.

Chrono shook off the sudden sadness and flashed the doctor a cheery grin. "But you're saying I can go, right? As long as I'm careful about my side?"

"Yes. I can't exactly send you to the hospital without your parents here to give permission.

"That's jake! Thanks, Doc!" Chrono jumped off the table and ran out of the room, only stopping to grab his cloak before he left the clinic proper. The doctor reflected on how wonderful it was to be young- on someone older, that wound would have created a limp that lasted months.

Journal Post: What on Earth is this? I should be dead...and yet here I am at the center of the universe, or so they tell me. It doesn't make sense. I was on death's door, I couldn't have staggered into a worm hole.
...I wonder if that means Rosette's here, too...? Or if she is, I wonder if it'll be my Rosette or this universe's Rosette. Either way, it doesn't look like I'll be going home any time soon, so I may as well make the best of this. It's a new lease on life for me, after all.